January 8th, 2021 by Medgadget Editors
Penetrating compacted and extensive blood clots has been one of the main challenges of vascular surgery. Various catheter-based devices have been invented and are in use today, but many patients present with plaques that are just too difficult even for the finest existing devices. Now, researchers at North Carolina State University and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have developed a new way to attack blood clots that involves special nanodroplets and an ultrasound catheter that activates them. The nanodroplets are made out of lipid spheres packed with low-boiling...Read More

January 7th, 2021 by Medgadget Editors
Strados Labs, a company based in Philadelphia, PA, but with R&D offices in Atlanta, GA, won FDA clearance to introduce its RESP system for monitoring lung sounds. The RESP device has already been employed in clinical trials to help monitor how various therapies, patient reports, and other vital signs correlate with changes in lung sounds. The same capabilities can now be utilized by clinicians to monitor their patients, and perhaps even to track what effect COVID-19 has on the lungs. RESP attaches to the chest and much like a stethoscope...Read More
Researchers at University College London have shown that tiny magnetic nanoparticles could enhance cancer treatment. The particles can deliver chemotherapy drugs to cancer cells and also produce a mild heating effect when stimulated with an external alternating magnetic field. Combining particle-mediated heat treatment and chemotherapy resulted in synergistic effects in killing cancer cells, suggesting that the technology could be a useful tool in the fight against cancer. Nanoparticles offer enormous potential in creating targeted and highly effective anti-cancer treatments. This latest technology combines two different anti-cancer mechanisms – chemotherapy and...Read More

January 7th, 2021 by Medgadget Editors
Robotic laparoscopic surgery is now widely available, with Intuitive Surgical's da Vinci systems being the most common robots out there. These systems typically require specialty tools provided by the robot manufacturer, and the selection is quite limited compared with the wide array of conventional laparoscopic tools that exist. Now, Distalmotion, a Swiss firm, has won European regulatory clearance to introduce its Dexter Surgical Robot that works with any laparoscopic tools. The Dexter is designed to be easy to bring in and out of the surgical space and used when robotic...Read More

January 5th, 2021 by Medgadget Editors
Though blood tests are a routine part of clinical care and hospital labs are able to quantify a myriad biomarkers, the results only indicate measurements at certain points in time. Continuous monitoring is available for only a few analytes such as glucose and oxygen. Now researchers at Stanford University have created a device that can constantly track concentrations of just about any protein, antibody, or hormone found in blood. The technology is doing to the ubiquitous ELISA tests (Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay) what video did to still photography. It provides a...Read More
MedTech Innovator is a medical technology accelerator program that supports medtech companies in translating their technologies into beneficial products. Much of this support takes the form of competitions. At present, MedTech Innovator holds competitions in the US and Asia, and companies can apply to enter either competition depending on where their primary market will be. The competitions occur at conferences where companies pitch their technologies over several rounds. The competitions allow companies to receive feedback and insights from industry leaders and during the year 2020, MedTech Innovator and partners provided...Read More

January 4th, 2021 by Medgadget Editors
Bolder Surgical, a Louisville, Colorado firm previously called JustRight Surgical, is starting the new year by releasing the CoolSeal vessel sealing platform. The initial product offerings are the CoolSeal Trinity device, a 5mm laparoscopic sealer, and the 3mm CoolSeal Mini, both of which work with the CoolSeal generator. The CoolSeal Trinity (pictured) is able to dissect, seal, and divide vessels using bipolar RF technology in a matter of seconds, while generating a thermal spread of less than one millimeter. This low power capability helps to prevent damage to any sensitive...Read More
Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley have developed a wearable sensor that can measure electrical signals in the forearm and use AI to correlate them with hand gestures, such as the movements of individual fingers. The team demonstrated that the system can control a robotic prosthetic hand and that it may provide a way for amputees to perform delicate movements with such devices. The flexible sensor can measure electrical signals at 64 discrete areas on the forearm and an electrical chip then uses AI to interpret these signals as...Read More

December 30th, 2020 by Medgadget Editors
As we say goodbye to 2020, the year that will live in infamy, it is important to recognize the many positive developments that occurred in the year of the pandemic. COVID-19 may have shut down industries, but it challenged those working in medicine to invent, adapt, and overcome faster than ever before. We would like to acknowledge the relentless and heroic efforts of doctors, nurses, and others that have been working in hospitals around the world during this difficult time. We also commend the efforts of scientists, engineers, designers, and...Read More
BIOTRONIK won FDA clearance for the Vital Data Sensor, a body temperature component within the BIOMONITOR IIIm injectable cardiac monitor (ICM). The ICM is designed to help cardiologists detect and diagnose cardiac arrhythmias remotely, but thanks to the Vital Data Sensor the implant now has an additional role in monitoring for signs of fever. This is particularly important right now as the COVID-19 pandemic lingers on, but will remain a useful patient monitoring tool even when the current virus recedes. "The patient is at high risk for infection during this...Read More
Obstructive sleep apnea is very common and is associated with a variety of serious health issues, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Getting a proper diagnosis is hampered by the need for patients to visit a sleep clinic and undergo a polysomnography. This gold-standard test is complicated and requires specialized staff to interpret the results. To address these issues, a company called Sunrise has developed an at-home sleep apnea test that relies on a small wearable device. The device consists of a small sensor that a user can attach to...Read More

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