may, 2018

01mayallday02alldayHealthcare on the Blockchain, 2018Washington, DC, USA


Event Details

Focused on both innovation and operations, Healthcare on the Blockchain covers topics relating to scalability, performance, and security. Be part of a two day interactive seminar taking place May 1-2 at the Washington Plaza Hotel in D.C. Uniquely staffed with speakers sharing cases and real-world examples of disruption, this conference takes a critical look at challenges related to the resource requirements of blockchain, the organizational requirements of a successful program, and reasonable expectations for the healthcare profession.

Some of the key topics are identity management systems: new realities in on-boarding and claims processing, managing medical records on the blockchain for cost-savings and error reduction, and managing sensitive data on the blockchain: protecting privacy and security in the age of big data and ransomware.


may 1 (Tuesday) - 2 (Wednesday)


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