is a new system that uses artificial intelligence to improve nailfold capillaroscopy practice and research.

Our application supports your practice of capillaroscopy. It guides you to take photos, analyzes them and gives insights about its findings.

Example CapillaroscopyWe just released 1.0, available from now on, includes among other new features:

  • A totally renewed design focused on making the application as easy to use as possible.
  • A new system of projects and folders that will allow you to organize your capillaroscopies the way you want.
  • A new list of patients for your workspace.
  • Improvements in the accuracy of the capillary detection system
  • A new artificial intelligence system complementary to the existing one that will perform automatic measurements on the detected capillaries.
  • A report that can be easily printed in .docx format and includes statistical information on capillaries and measurements, as well as the possibility of customizing this report using a template.
  • The possibility to indicate in each capillaroscopy image the sector of the nail or to classify it as panoramic (general view at less magnification).

Projects and folders with notifications