Olympus Releases ORBEYE 4K-3D Surgical Microscope System

Olympus is releasing its latest surgical microscope, the 4K-3D ORBEYE video microscope. The device was developed by a joint venture called Sony Olympus Medical Solutions. The system comes with an accompanying 4K-3D 55-inch monitor, allowing surgeons to look directly at the screen rather than a microscope eyepiece and for the rest of the clinical staff to be aware of what’s going on. There’s not even the eyepiece option, as the only thing the adjustable arm keeps elevated is the lens and digital sensors.

The microscope relies on two Sony 4K ExmorRTM CMOS sensors and an image processor that maintains proper contrast and color accuracy. They work in real-time, providing a lag-free view of the working space.

Not having a bulky traditional microscopy setup clears up the area above the surgical field, making it easier to get around and to set things up. The entire system is itself smaller than the previous comparable model from the company, making it easy to wheel in and out of the OR as necessary.

Via: Olympus…