Klue, a New Tracker That Claims to Detect When You’re Eating or Drinking

Klue, a new wearable tracker, was just unveiled at this year’s Health 2.0 conference in Silicon Valley. The makers of the device claim it can detect the type of activity that you’re engaged in, with a particular focus on eating and drinking. The ultimate goal of the technology is to help users adjust their habits, whether it is drinking more water while exercising or staying off snacks between meals.

The firm says it has developed AI algorithms that convert arm movements into actionable data. This data is presented using different metrics of how often the user eats and drinks and what can be done to change the patterns. During an activity, such as having one’s morning coffee, if the Klue device thinks that’s what you’re doing, it may ask you to click on the screen to confirm. This should help it improve its accuracy and hopefully make it a little smarter in the future.

Like many other trackers, it can be used to activate regular timers to test one’s blood sugar, for example, and there’s coaching features built-in as well.

Here’s some data that the system is able to gather, according to the product page:

  • Metrics of eating/drinking events
  • User responses from notifications
  • Automated personalized insights
  • Stats on usage & engagement
  • Population-level reports

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