Health 2.0 Fall Conference: 12 New Product Launches Announced

The Health 2.0 Fall Conference provides a number of opportunities for startups and entrepreneurs to share their novel innovations and ideas, including the Startup Pitch Competition, the Exhibit Hall, Market Connect sessions, 3.5 minute breakout session demos, and Launch!

Launch! is Health 2.0’s annual closing event where early stage companies announce product releases for the first time, with the audience selecting a winner after a quick-fire session of demos. This year, the applicant pool was strong enough to invite twelve companies to the Health 2.0 stage.

This year’s Launch! finalists were:

1upHealth is a platform for patients, providers, and app developers to aggregate and share medical data and wearable device metrics. The company aims to facilitate the use of patient generated data to reduce readmissions.

Safe is a mobile application that allows an individual to document and privately share their verified STD status with partners ,while accessing physician consultants who provide support and recommendations.

FitFetti is a social fitness platform that allows users to give and receive cash sponsorships for increasing physical activity. Sponsorship dollars are paid out for improvement and for reaching healthy active targets each week, quantified through integration with wearable devices.

Klue is a new operating system for behavior change, which uses off-the-shelf wearables to track hand movements associated with certain behaviors. Klue’s first use case is monitoring consumption patterns in order to help users achieve better eating habits.

SymphonyRM utilizes algorithms and data science to spotlight value opportunities within a health system and provides the tools for the system to coordinate marketing and patient outreach to realize that value.

HealthWiz is a platform for lowering employer healthcare costs using a digital concierge, where users can enter their symptoms, respond to questions, and receive real-time feedback on actionable next steps to address their medical concerns.

OneChart aggregates patient health information in one place, no matter where that data is stored. The result gives patients the ability directly access and manage usage of their own medical records on a single platform.

Courage Health is an AI healthcare chatbot for cancer patients and their families to better understand their life expectancy and treatment options through a modern, low-stress conversation.

Amelie is an AI chatbot designed for anyone to receive support for their mental health and well being concerns through conversations, self-assessment questionnaires, and progress tracking.

Orderly Health is an automated, AI-powered concierge that helps insurers and employers save time and money on healthcare by allowing users to better understand their health plan benefits, find providers, and get the most out of their care.

HeyDoctor is a platform for users to access medical care on demand without the need for insurance or phone calls. Users have access to a range of services from pre-diabetes to UTI testing and treatment.

Suggestic is an AI nutrition coach that analyzes eating habits and food preferences to guide users in food selection for weight loss, reduced disease risk, and health improvement. Augmented reality provides direction on what to eat in real time.

While waiting for the votes to tally, we heard from Siren Care, last year’s Launch! winner whose work embedding electronics directly inside of fabrics is currently being applied to a real-time injury detection sock used to help diabetics prevent amputations.

Compelled by an excellent demonstration of how augmented reality can be used to provide suggestions on which foods someone should purchase while perusing options in a grocery store, the audience selected Suggestic as this year’s Launch! winner by a convincing margin. Congratulations! Check out this short demo of the Suggestic tool:

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