New CardioFocus HeartLight Excalibur Balloon Cleared in Europe

CardioFocus, a company out of Marlborough, Massachusetts, won the European CE Mark to introduce its new HeartLight Excalibur Balloon for treatment of atrial fibrillation. The device is based on the company’s previously FDA approved HeartLight ablation system, but is designed to make procedures easier and faster by improving the compliance of the balloon and by being able to ablate larger tissue targets than before.

The company’s HeartLight technology is used during pulmonary vein isolation procedures, using the balloon to isolate the target area and providing the physician with a direct view of the tissue being worked on. A laser is used to ablate cardiac tissue without having to rely on X-rays or EP cardiac mapping to find and kill the target.

The new balloon lets physicians block the pulmonary vein with greater confidence and conforms to greater anatomical variations, while the firm’s Dynamic Response technology improves contact with the vessel walls when different techniques are used and pressure on the balloon changes. This helps the procedures move faster and more consistently, saving time in the OR and getting patients into recovery earlier.

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Via: CardioFocus