Masimo’s Smaller, More Comfy RAS-45 Acoustic Respiration Sensor Released Globally

Masimo is now making fully available its RAS-45 acoustic respiration sensor that works with the company’s rainbow Acoustic Monitoring platform and that is compatible with both adult and pediatric patients.

It performs the same as the RAS-125c sensor, but being considerably smaller and featuring a more flexible adhesive, it is easier to put on and more comfortable to wear, particularly for children and adults with stubby necks.

The sensor provides continuous respiratory rate, its waveform, as well as the ability to actually listen to the sounds being detected directly from the sensor. It relies on Masimo’s Signal Extraction Technology that filters out the sounds generated by breathing from all the other surrounding noise, leading to an accurate detection of respiration.

From Masimo:

In a study comparing pediatric patient tolerance of sidestream capnography with a nasal cannula to respiration rate monitoring with an RAS-125c acoustic sensor, 15 out of 40 patients removed the cannula, while only one removed the acoustic sensor. In a study of 98 patients consciously sedated during upper gastrointestinal endoscopy, researchers found that RRa monitoring with the RAS-125c sensor more accurately assessed respiration rate than capnography using end-tidal carbon dioxide (EtCO2) measurement or impedance pneumography. RAS-45 maintains the same performance parameters, range, and accuracy specification as RAS-125c.

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