Review of Hammerhead Leather Bluetooth Keyboard Case for iPads

The folks at Hammerhead were kind enough to provide us a sample of their Leather Bluetooth Keyboard Case (keyboard included) for the iPad to bring on rounds for “field testing.” This author primarily used it in the ICU to help keep track of patients’ lab results and to update to-do lists, but it should also be perfect for writing full notes.

The case they sent was a brilliant red, and it definitely attracted a lot of attention and questions. The outside is made of soft leather, and seems thick enough to protect an iPad, while the inside is also soft and scratch-resistant so the screen stays nice and clean.

Included in this case is a Bluetooth keyboard that boasts a battery life of 6-8 hours and can be used up to 30 feet from the device. The keys have a good solid feel and, once you adjust to the smaller-than-standard size, it is quite easy to use, definitely faster than using the on-screen keyboard. We tested it with an iPhone and an iPad, and pairing was simple and fast. One quibble was that there is an on/off switch on the back of the keyboard which you must remember to turn off when you are done using it – having often forgotten to turn it off, it would be out of battery the next morning. Charging is accomplished using a USB adapter. The iPad can be adjusted/tilted within the case and it stands up in landscape or portrait, allowing for easy viewing by a group of people.

The hospital we used it in doesn’t provide access to the EMR via iPad/Web broswer, but if your institution allows you to write notes and enter orders using an iPad, this would be a great rounding tool with a decent price point of $99 (includes keyboard, case, and a nice stylus).

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